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February 2nd, 2010

Thank You, Darling, For The Flowers

Honey was a world away when I turned fifty-one. But on the first day of birthday week, my true love sent to me…

Lavender snapdragon, purple heather, cream-colored sweet pea, and five big red roses framed in ferns standing in a emerald-colored vase. I put them on the dining room table.

Day Two:  Two dozen miniature red, red roses in a long box. I put them in a cherry-colored vase on the kitchen table.

Day Three:  Twelve giant chocolate-covered strawberries…very juicy, very red. I shared them with my friends and put the last two on the top shelf of the fridge.

Day Four:  Burnt orange lilies with crimson centers, bright golden mums, purple statice, big white carnations and tiny pink carnations, laced with baby’s-breath, standing in a clear glass vase with a fancy red bow. I put them on the living room table.

Day Five: Pink carnations, white chrysanthemums, and three red roses surrounded by ferns, in a shiny red vase; a heart-shaped crystal draped around its neck and a heart-shaped box of chocolates beside it. I put them on my desk.

Day Six: Tiny purple buds surrounding four red roses in a sweet, little basket; a fuzzy teddy bear wearing a shiny, red ribbon perched to the side. Honey Bear slept with me that very night.

After much kissing and eating of red strawberries, I promised him that the first thing I will say every morning and the last thing I will say before I die will be “thank you, darling, for the flowers.”

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Hint of Romance

Flowers work every time.

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  1. Oh Mama! This was so moving! I love the symbolism of the flowers – of all the wonderful unspeakable gifts Daddy has blessed you with. He has so unselfishly filled your life with nothing but beauty in both things temporal, mental spiritual, and emotional. The relationship, a pure relationship, between husband and wife you have conveyed is so true. He loves you for what you have done for him and vice-versa. When we fulfill our divine roles as men and women, as wives and husbands, and take joy in it, we will be filled with security, unspeakable love, and beauty – even beautiful flowers all around us.

  2. Bonnie Holt says:

    Oh my! Happy Birthday Mona, and how loved you are! Your daughters tribute says it soooo well. And, the flowers were not bad either! Where did you find that guy?

  3. Debbi says:

    What a delightful way to “be with you” during your birthday week! Oh how awesome! Happy belated birthday my dear dear friend.

    All my love,

  4. Kimberlee Robinson says:

    Happy Birthday Mona!! What a wonderful way to show you how much he loves you while he is away on your birthday, I think he needs to teach the men of the ward a romance lesson! You are so blessed and so is he, you are such a wonderful example of how a marriage should be, sacrificing for each other and how you’ve grown together through the years and your ups and downs. I love you guys!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    He should offer classes! :D

  6. Sara Lyn says:

    I was recently leaving a group of women. I was the first one to leave. One woman asked, “Don’t you like our discussion?” I replied that I did, but I hadn’t seen my husband all day, nor much the day before. She said, “You must not have been married very long if you still want to see your husband.” I nearly went on a small diatribe, but just smiled and left. Of course I want to see my husband! And because I want to see him, he wants to see me. Therefore, I want to see him. You obviously know the cycle. What your Honey did for you was so sweet and thoughtful and caring, but what other women fail to see sometimes is that you must treat him well too. (Despite the plumbing problems sometimes.) :) We women should not take our wonderful husbands for granted and even if we’re not dying to see them, at least we should act like we are! And if we do that, our attitude changes and then we really are anxious to see them. Okay, you don’t need my lecture, but I am so frustrated by that attitude. I love my man and thank him daily for the things he does for me – packing my computer to go to work, folding the laundry, reading me to sleep every night, opening my doors for me, letting me take the car with air-conditioning on days when I have to drive a lot… The list goes on and on. Thank you for writing a beautiful tribute to gratitude. (Sorry this is so long. It’s been on my mind.) :)

    • mona says:

      Sara Lyn, I can’t tell you the number of times I have had that same experience. I hope my little posts speak for themselves that way…thank you darling for sharing your feelings on the subject….Morgan is as blessed as your are.

  7. Sarah E. says:

    What a gorgeous array of flowers:)! Yay for a SWEET man too!
    Nothing substitutes for a husband’s presence, but hopefully there were some really good friends keeping you company through the week!
    Happy Birthday Again:)

  8. June Sullivan says:

    Hello Mona,

    You look more beautiful each year. Turning 50 agrees with you. Flowers are always a wonderful way to give a BIG hug across the miles. You deserve each of them. Hugs, June

    • mona says:

      June, Turning 50 might have agreed with me, but I actually turned 51, which has not been quite as agreeable…ask the dentist, the doctor, the scale, and the girl at the cosmetics counter…

  9. Lilia says:

    Congratulations on a very sweet and happy birthday! Congratulations for having a thoughtful and loving husband.
    I can see you in your own garden of beauty.

    Those are such special moments that last a lifetime and more. I know what it does to me when my husband does something like that. It’s funny though, usually if I go out of town, when I get back he’ll have a little something for each day I’ve been gone. When I was going to visit my mother during her sickness, I was gone for a month at a time so he told me later “I couldn’t figure out what else to get for you, so whenever you are gone more than a week, I’ll get you a balloon bouquet. Each balloon counts for a day. I had to laugh and of course I’ll take a balloon any time. A hug, a kiss for each day, it doesn’t really matter what it is but the feeling is what counts! My last trip alone was last Halloween, guess what! I still have a shiny balloon (half way deflated but still up) that says Welcome Home. Maybe he learned that from Dale. I love it!

  10. Lois Brown says:

    Happy Birthday Ramona! Loved all the flowers and gifts and what a wonderful birthday week! Love you!

  11. Carole Chevrier says:

    What a wonderful birthday surprise! That was very thoughtful of Dale to think ahead and do that–he’s great. I know you appreciate him as I appreciate mine.
    So many women without them, eh?
    Much love for your birthday! You share that day with Mike Ingalls and my Ben (who turned 18 this year!).

  12. maritza Ardila- Perez says:

    Mona , I love the symbolism of the flowers. Couples can be together, celebrating birthday and others events, happy birthday dear. I am glad that Dale is with you to celebrate your birthday

  13. This post made my heart smile.

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