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April 28th, 2011

Take Me Home Country Roads: Bavaria, Germany

Country Roads…take me home…to the place I belong…

Be it ever so humble…I’ll take it.


Hint of Romance

You gotta stay on the road, no matter how steep, to get to the castle on top.

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  1. Sara Lyn says:

    Soooooooooo gorgeous!!! And I love your hint of romance. :)

  2. Pattyann says:

    I love these pictures. they are so beautiful. I would love to visit that castle and see the countryside there.

  3. Hannah Z says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!! absolutely gorgeous!!! It’s like looking at snapshots of a dream! And I like the hint of romance too! We cannot forget the glory that awaits at the top of the hill. There is NOTHING more rewarding. LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Heidi says:

    Quite breath-taking.

  5. Bri Z says:

    Beautiful photos!! Sigh! I didn’t know you were house-hunting in Munich though … just a summer home right? ;)

    I was going to ask you about the wedding! Someone mentioned it in class or I’d be completely oblivious as to world events right now. ;) Ah romance!

  6. Maritza Ardila-Perez says:

    Your Pictures are fantastic, around the world.The creation from God of the beautiful nature is so beautiful,. I love also your notes from the ” Royal Wedding” Celebration. I love it!!

  7. Sherry Petersen says:

    I have ejoyed the magical settings of your journey as you have taken us along for the ride these past months. Enchanting, simply enchanting!

  8. Deborah Smith says:

    Are you sure…these were taken in Bavaria, Germany? I would have thought I had died and had gone to heaven…yet…this is “telestial” stuff!…There is NO WAY…I can imagine…”celestial”! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

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