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March 25th, 2010

Snatch and Grab It

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“Opportunity…opportunity…is knockin’ at your door…opportunity knocks but once and don’t come back for more…” ~ The Very Best of Julia Lee

We danced last night. I was dressed in flannel. He was in cotton. At nearly midnight, the bedroom was our ballroom.

“Oh! You’ve got to hear the song I heard today.” He plugs in his IPod to the Sony Dream Machine and waits for me to come out of the bathroom, looking like Cinderella before the Fairy Godmother visitation. No tiaras and glass slippers tonight; bare face and feet’ll do.

He hits ‘start’ and before the bluesy beats even hit the air, we’d hit the floor.

“Grab in the night. Grab it in the day. Grab it right now — it’ll get away. Ya better snatch and grab it. Snatch and grab it. Better snatch and grab it ‘fore it gets away…

We rocked in the sweet little swing step we’ve been bopping about in since the days before arthritis and back surgery. He spun me out and spun me in. I threw my arm in the air for a bit of flash.

“Grab it in the east. Grab it in the west.  Grab it in the place where you’ll hold it best. Ya better snatch and grab it. Snatch and grab it. Better snatch and grab it ‘fore it gets away…”

Wow. We got some spring still in us. Even my knee is having a good time. He giggles out loud at the lyrics and I giggle at his giggle.

“Grab it on the left. Grab it on the right. Grab it in the middle and hold it tight. Snatch and grab it. Snatch and grab it. Better snatch and grab it ‘fore it gets away…”

Her sultry style churns it up with the jazzy horns and plucky strings like a purple smoothie. And man–we be guzzling.

“Grab it up high. Grab it down low. Grab it real tight and don’t let go. Snatch and grab it. Snatch and grab it. Better snatch and grab it ‘fore it gets away…”

Every bounce on the balls of our feet lifts us a little higher. The week of loose ends and big decisions seems farther and farther away…all the money we’ve spent seems moot…nasty head colds have gone into remission…worries banished!…worries vanish!

…at least when we…


“To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.” ~ Jane Austen


official london forecast:

in limbo land

waiting on visas

Hint of Romance

Playfulness is a vital component of a vibrant marriage. Even spurts of spontaneity are exhilarating. Make everything new this week by snatching some of both.

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  1. Nah says:

    I love it Aunt Mona!!! Thank you for helping keep true love alive. None of this falsehood Twilight likes to portray. I am excited to muse with the married folk and dream about the days to come. Hope your Cinderella moments continue to be as sweet as this one.

    • mona says:

      Hannah! Yes yes! You GET the point too! I want Musings to be a beacon on the hill for marrieds and some-day marrieds. It CAN be wonderful. THAT IS THE POINT.

  2. Valerie M. says:

    Such a fun post! I love the feature of listening to it, along with music.

  3. Sue Simper says:

    Excellent! I love this! If only dancing didn’t just leave some of us feeling hopelessly uncoordinated! At least we feel the same way, at our house, so no one is dance deprived. We’ll just have to spontaneously take some walks along the creek!

  4. Bri Z says:

    You had me giggling the WHOLE time! Probably because I’ve been witness to your and dad’s playfullness. Momsie! I’m so proud of your podcast! It’s SO COOL! You’ve done something all new with the podcast – put your own romantic twist on it! It was sort of like watching the beginning of a movie. . . BUT BETTER! I really really love it! I’m going to share it with my teacher who’s into remixing and remaking things on the internet, if that’s ok with you.

    I LOVE the clip of Mona Lisa by the King at the beginning! SO wonderful!

    I miss being playful with the whole family! We’re going to miss you and dad SO much while you’re in England – what am I saying?! We already DO! I hope you share every bit of fun along the way!

    • mona says:

      Bri Z – Sweetie! THANK YOU for your support! AND YES! Share share share. That’s the whooooolllllle point (oh wait – fun is the point…right, Sue?)

  5. Amanda says:

    This is amazing, Mama Z! You reminded me of the old-time radio shows I love listening to. I felt like I was dancing right along with you. This is a fantastic idea and a creative way of utilizing the miraculous technology at our fingertips!

    Love you!

  6. Rebecca Webb says:

    How fun is that! We’ve definitely missed you! It’s been so long, and I guess we have to get used to that! Anyway, thanks for your influence.

  7. Laura says:

    What a fun and entertaining podcast. I didn’t even know what that word meant — Good job! And such a timely reminder. Thank you!

    • mona says:

      Laura — allllways “timely”. You make me laugh. I had to explain “podcast” to my parents today…but they have an excuse – they are 75 years-old! What’s yours? Oh yeah. All those little pumpkin heads. Love you!

  8. Ashlee says:

    I LOVE it Mona! I enjoyed listening along! I do wish you luck in all of your soon-to-be adventures, and look forward to sharing them with you through your posts! I feel like I know you so well!!:) I understand the wrestle of the blog world as well and have gone back and forth a few times. I have decided, instead of going private..I will just start a new blog in which I can begin by being more private in my posts, but still be able to share my faith and testimony with the world. Hugs!

  9. Mother Smith says:

    “Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.” Mark Twain

    Life is filled with challenges…It can tax the very hearty of souls…but, I wonder…if at the end of each living day…a simple single dance…could be enacted as a “healing” balm of “unity” –

    There is something very intimate when two people are dancing…It is a blending of becoming WHOLE and ONE…and the world just simply….fades…in the night…

  10. I’m Bri’s English professor and I was excited to discover your blog, Mona. Kudos for producing an engaging audio version of your writing. My only concern was that it was so polished — maybe you are a whiz at this sort of thing, but it sounded so professional that I worried you might not be able to produce these too often!

    I’m also a bishop, often counseling people about their marriages. I’m going to refer a few ward members to this post. Sometimes I fear we lose sight of the glue that comes from playfulness within marriage. And who says dancing is only for the young? Loved the lines about arthritis and back surgery!

    Good luck with your blog. I’m going to send my wife to it, too (check out her blog: http://kazzysponderings.blogspot.com). She teaches Special Ed kindergarten and starts EVERY DAY with the students dancing.


    • mona says:

      Bro. Burton: Thank you very much for taking the time to visit the blog. I’m so surprised and honored and am thrilled you think it worthy to pass on to your ward members and family. I will definitely visit your wife’s blog and become a regular. It is especially interesting to me that she works with special education. I have a 29-year-old daughter who is severely brain-injured who I have been primary caregiver for all her life until last summer when she settled into a care home with 2 roommates and an extraordinary caregiver. She is the happiest she has ever been in her life – just giddy – and now my husband and I will be able to accept the opportunity the Lord has subsequently thrown our way – a year in Europe on corporate assignment. As for the “slick” style of the Podcast – WOW! – you couldn’t pay me a more valued comment! The truth is is that our family has years of experience with audio recording. Days and weeks in the professional studio as director/producer taught me a lot but until this week and this “Podcast”, I had never tried MY OWN hand at it – as engineer. My geeks (husband and 4 kids) are stupefied. Nevertheless, I loved doing it and it came naturally. I know I can’t do it every week, but I’ll have fun with it now and then. They’ll be other approaches to the blog for variety. THANK YOU AGAIN for your input. What a thrill. Good luck in your work – I know one student in particular, who has been deeply affected by it!

  11. Kristy D says:

    you continue to be my inspiration- we all need someone we can aspire to become in life. Role models are needed more than ever in my opinion and you are one of the biggest ones in my life! i am so happy I have found your blog Mona! i snatched and grabbed a precous moment i may have missed w/ my 5 month old daughter after reading your blog today. Life is going by faster than i ever dreamed it would. why did it go so slow when i was young and anxious to be all grown up? now that i am…its almost a blur and i can’t slow it down or take it all in. thank you for reminding me and all on here to grab those woderful moments….they’ll “get away from us” as the song said before we know it! much love to you and happy travels!!

    • mona says:

      Kristy D: “…the song said before we know it…”!~ WOW. I LOVE THAT! You call me a role model…but my dear, I am CERTAIN you are a role model yourself. You’re right — we need more mentors in the world. Get one and BE one. Love and admire you!

      • mona says:

        From my Dad via email:


        Isn’t that fun that my 75 year-old father figured out how to listen to a Podcast (which he’d never heard of before!)

  12. Sara Lyn says:

    I love this hint for romance! I am blessed with a playful husband who sometimes starts fun and sometimes joins in when I am feeling playful. We have learned that when one of starts being playful, even if the other isn’t feeling it so much, if we join in, we have so much fun together. This is especially wonderful after we discuss heavier things like “death and taxes.” Or government and bills. Or whatever. :) We will work to keep the spark in our marriage that helps us not take life too seriously.

  13. Marzee says:

    I loved it!! You have such an enchanting voice for this. And really – so impressed that you did do this on your own. I agree with you – playfulness and spontaneity are key to a happy marriage. I don’t think a day goes by without it in our house – whether it’s tackling each other, our kids, dancing in the living room or bumping into each other “accidentally.” It’s great!

    • mona says:

      Marzee: Who wouldn’t want to grow up with a mom and dad like that?! And I can only imagine what bumping into each other “accidentally” could possible look like….

  14. Marzee says:

    PS – Yesterday we jumped and danced around singing “Step in Time,” from Mary Poppins – and I don’t even remember when the last time was that we watched it. The kids joined in too – and it wasn’t long before we were all spinning and dancing in giggles. Life is good.

  15. Kara says:

    Ooohhh what sweetness that was! My honey and I have been practicing our snuggle as of late and how I enjoy and look forward to his homecomming! Thank you Mona I sure love you!

  16. Lisa says:

    What great writing. I love your advice. I’ve never been much for sponteneity. I like everything planned out. I’ll try harder… :)

  17. Heidi says:

    I loved the few times I saw my parents just start to dance together. They are memories I will never forget. I can’t wait to play “their song” at my wedding one day so I can watch them dance to that song again.

  18. Love it! Love it! Love it! What more can I say?

  19. Starr says:

    Your an inspiration to me. Since I have been a member, I have often looked for women in the church that live their lives in a manner that Heavenly Father would look on with love. Each small quote, or posting that I read encourages my life and I value your thoughts and wisdom. Your writings inspire me. And with a new man in my life, it has reminded me of the support and love it requires to help a garden grow. I am thankful I met your daughter, your work as a mother has truly paid off in a young woman like her. Thanks! :)

    • mona says:

      Starr: My darling! What sweet things you say to me! I hope you WILL keep musing with me every single week and build your relationship know-how for the sake of your own happiness, and your “new man’s” happiness.

  20. maritza ardila- perez says:

    I Love your page, I love your writings, you really inspire me. These things are medicine to a eternal life in a new and an old Romance.

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