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June 14th, 2011

Romance on the Riviera

“Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow. Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed. The poor should be practical and prosaic. It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.” Oscar Wilde

I totally disagree with Oscar, who was more concerned with cleverness than real romance, but I must admit, the luxurious “charm” of the French Riviera does make for fine romance. Dale’s cousin and best friends are hosting us here in their villa, perched three stories above boutique shopping, cuisine to die for, and a lively open-air market. 

Our bedroom window in the back overlooks a courtyard of orange trees. Piano and choral sounds waft out of the open shutters of the music school across the way. Birds and church bells wake us up. Today, we strolled along the city wall to a private beach where we were served our choice of drinks while lolling on recliners beneath umbrellas. Beyond the surf, out on the azure Mediterranean, yachts of Titanic proportion bobbed about while lazy sailboats fluttered around them like water butterflies.

It may be — as I described in yesterday’s photo post — somewhere between heaven and earth, but they still use Euros here. Hold on to your wallets and get ready to gush…


Is it just me, or do even the clouds look expensive?

Hint of Romance

Real romance can be luxurious on any budget.

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  1. Maritza Ardila-Perez says:

    Yes. Agree with your quote ” Real romance can be luxurious on any budget” I think Romance can be in any budget as longer the one is giving it gives it with love and other person received with love that is when true romance could happen and it is a real love.

  2. Hannah Z says:

    Looooooooove it! Take me there! Take me there!

  3. Bri Z says:

    that’s cause real romance can find luxury in a $1 McDonald’s icecream cone. ;)

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