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December 24th, 2011

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

“Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings,
all the snow in Alaska won’t make it “white”. ~ Bing Crosby



Hint of Romance

The best Christmas gift is love.

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  1. Sarah E. says:

    Darling family photos :)
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Debbi says:

    I watched this movie for the first time in my life this year! I was sure I’d seen it before, but when I saw it, I knew I never had before. So what did you do for your ward Christmas party??? I directed our little Primary nativity, someone in our ward wrote it. Then someone else hosted a fabulous gingerbread house workshop – we all made houses out of graham crackers and so much candy and fixin’s it made your eyes pop – I had a great time. I’m all by my lonesome this year. We’ll be celebrating on NY day when Max get’s back from Richland. Love you and miss you!

  3. Rebecca Webb says:

    Adorable! You guys are the best!

  4. Sharon says:

    Really terrifical photos (and outfits)! Where did you get them? Love that finale number, always have. Merry Christmas Z’s, the Beautiful British Columbia!

  5. Sara Lyn says:

    I love “White Christmas”!! Someone shared a great idea of a 25 days of Christmas which I decided to do this year. Morgan got more excited than I expected to open up his card every morning. It was simple, only took a couple of hours to put together, but was 25 days of love for Christmas. I’m grateful I saw that idea this year! :)

  6. Fawn says:

    What cute pics! I love to see a couple in love…especially, 34 years later. What beauty!

  7. maritza ardila perez says:

    Beautifully picture ! I love Utah , Merry Christmas and happy New Year. The video and pictures are adorable. Beautiful couple! Merry Christmas!

  8. Olivia says:

    I LOVE the pictures and that is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have it on VHS. hahaha

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