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December 16th, 2011

Let’s Keep Sailing

Lean into the wind
Let it freshen our sails
Give us strength and energy
A love so born of trial and storm
Will last all eternity.

On the best, most thrilling day of my life, I wore my mother’s wedding dress. Snowflakes cut out of plain white paper decorated the walls of the gym. Guests ate homemade sheet cake. I wore a ring bought by his father. And thank goodness someone took a Polaroid photo.

He had promised to give me “a beautiful life” and I believed him. Though he was nineteen without a rudder and I was eighteen without a paddle, we set sail anyway, thinking our waves would be ripples and our winds nothing more than breezes.

The storms came of course, and we held on with a white-knuckle grip. Shouting through the howling mayhem, our faces drenched with the salty spray of tears, ducking the wild yardarms of fate and circumstance and false expectation that threatened to toss us overboard, we managed to stay afloat by batting down the hatches.

And when the doldrums left us depressed and dangling in seas disturbingly still, we sweated it out until an invisible force swelled the sails with new purpose.

Of course, we had to work hard, if not frantically, at keeping our hull intact; sharp rock formations and icebergs hid on every latitude. We did our best to avoid them, but when our ship took on water faster than the two of us could bail it away, we dove below the surface to assess and repair the damage.

The greatest challenge I think though – when two little people try to sail around the world – is the tendency to  fight over the wheel and the compass. We overcame near mutiny time and again by taking turn at watch and remembering that every ship needs a captain and a smart, loyal mate.

So, here we are, thirty-four years later, heading into the sunset of our lives.

Your cheeks are ruddy my dear, from weathering the toughest stuff nature can throw at at man, and my hands are calloused from scrubbing the deck, but I think we are beautiful.

Let’s keep sailing.


 Happy Anniversary to Captain O my Captain!

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Photos by Mona

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Decide not to shipwreck. Just keep sailing.

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  1. Bri z says:

    Oh happy happy anniversary!!! Keep sailing indeed! The rest of us marvel at the beauty of the companionship you two have developed as you sailed through rough and still alike. Your teamwork seems effortless, though the fact that it seems so is evidence of your tireless efforts to become one. It’s far too appropriate to recognize how well this analogy fits your particualar life (not only for your love of sailing) but for the misery that traveling is for you. Thank goodness that on this journey, you know the pilot (captain) and are in control of what happens to your luggage and your ship. So many people these days don’t recognize that simple truth– they are in control. Though the weather is left to chance and the storms may rage, though they may be devoid of paddle or rudder or both, they control what their reactions will be and how THEY will weather it, and whether theyll do it together (though trying to steer a two man ship alone is impossible). May the Lord continue to strengthen you and may He bless your waters and keep you safe and keep you mine! I love you both!! Happy happy anniversary!

  2. Sara Lyn says:

    Great analogy!! I don’t have anything to add, but I loved this post.

  3. Sarah E. says:

    I had no idea what kind of storms I would be asked to go through with my husband or may yet be asked to weather. All I know is I’m glad my captain/mate has not abandoned ship and vows his loyalty to navigate onward regardless of lacking paddles, maps, fine skies, or any other promising aspect to this journey. I so love him!

  4. Valerie says:

    Happy anniversary! I love to see when couples have stuck out all the storms. Unfortunately, it is so rare these days, as I know too well. I hope you continue sailing on and having fun together!

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