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June 18th, 2011

Let Me Look Up At You

Come, my dearest

lover, brother, friend,

and let me look up at you.

When did you become

an ode to manhood,

a spectacle of



by those

you serve,

those you lead,

those you work with, those you love.

When did you gain

the confidence of kindness,

of wisdom, of accomplishment…

rooting a soul so big…you’ve become

a sanctuary of shade,

the keeper of clouds,

a dream maker

with branches

strong enough for many to rest upon.

Let me look up at you!

Your gentle power spreads an aura

of love,  sincerity, and reassurance

that life can grow men

solid enough,

giant enough,

to deserve

the title

tall enough:

“Husband and Father”.


Hint of Romance

Making a beautiful life for a family grows the best kind of man.

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  1. This is so beautiful, I love your poetry. I think that often, fewer word have the greatest impact when trying to describe the magnitude of love and admiration. This truly captures all that is in inspiring to behold in a good man. I love the phrase “Confidence of kindness”, the truest form of leadership is kindness, and respect. I love that! And I love the way you compare the growth you’ve seen in your husband to the growth of a magnificent tree. The way you look up to him, admire him, stand in awe of him, this is just so inspiring I could go on for days writing about how much I love this poem! Please write a book so that I can have everything you write in one place for me to read over and over and over again!

  2. Sarah says:

    What an ode to Uncle Dale!!! I’m so grateful for the amazing example he is to me and so many others!
    Hooray to EVERY father in the world, those passed on, those here, and those to come! God bless you beautiful, inspiring men!

    • mona says:

      Sarah — I can’t say horray to EVERY father in the world (See “The Best Husband
      is a Good Father”) but I can say hip-hip-horray to every TRUE father in the world!
      Yours is one of them and your three little boys WILL be – raise them with THAT
      ultimate goal in mind and you will do “the world” the greatest possible service!

  3. Hannah Z says:

    I love this!! SO describes daddy!! And the growth and beauty and magnificence that righteous men and fathers become!

    And I was taken away by your poetry. When it finished I looked around, expecting to see the author. Then I realized it was YOU! Beautiful Beautiful Mama!! And I love the shapes you made with the poem! They look like trees! Creative!

    Daddy IS my tree! And so are all the men in my life.

  4. Marzee says:

    Lovely and of good report! I’ve always loved trees . . . and enjoyed its metaphor here. I gave a Father’s Day talk in church this week and posted it on atypicalmormonchick if you’re interested.

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