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March 23rd, 2012

Just the Perfect Blendship

“It is because of the years invested that
friends are able to put us in touch with happy times in the past”
Dr. Wonnell Cowan & Dr. Melyn Kinder in Women Men Love, Women Men Leave


I’m so happy. Dale and I are in California for the next couple of weeks. It’s not a vacation. In fact, I’m going to be holed up working at the Residence Inn in Palo Alto while he’s working at company headquarters in Mountain View. But that doesn’t matter. The happiness comes from being both apart and together: apart in doing what we are passionate about and together in being passionate about each other.

In the old days, I couldn’t travel with Dale. Not often. But in these new days, when we’re old, I can go with him and he really likes that. I really like that. We like it so much because we are friends.

Best friends.

It’s a sad thing to think how many marriages dissolve before friendship can ripen. You have to pass through fall and winter before spring—and finally summer. And it ‘s a funny thing how many people think you can’t be friends and lovers at the same time.

Best friends make the best lovers.

After one of our easy evenings this week, after conversation bubbled and ebbed and spurted and stilled, after we edited my book to death and then solved the world’s problems by putting our brains together, I wanted so much to put our lips together.

I leaned back in my chair so that the feet came off the floor. “Hey, you know what?”

He stood up to go to the fridge. “What.”

“We’ve been friends a long time.”

He looked at me with a grin and a gleam. “Mark your calendar.”

“For what?” I let my chair settle.

“For June 13th. It will be 35 years.”

“Since what?” I slid forward.

“Since our first kiss.”

He disappeared into the fridge. I sat back to wait.

Today’s kiss would come.

Best friends are very reliable that way.


It’s friendship, friendship,
Just a perfect blendship,
When other friendships have been forgot
Ours will still be hot!


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Friendship is shared experience and memories, ritual and symbols, liking and TRUST.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I think this is beautiful, and you are certainly right. My husband and I are best friends. I’ll choose him over girlfriends to do things with, but we can certainly get into the spats, too.

  2. Laura says:

    It gives me great joy to see empty-nester couples so in love and best friends. I love it!

  3. Sharon says:

    Perfect. Thx.

  4. Brenda Henry says:

    Love this post! I can hear your voice saying the words. You and Dale have what my husband and I are striving for. As soon as the kids grow up and get married it’ll just be the two of us again. He is my best friend. We need to continue that friendship and our courting. We try very hard to go on a date once a week. They may not be glamorous dates, but it’s time with just the two of us. We can share our ideas and thoughts without a toddler tugging us away from each other or me having to rush off and nurse the baby. It breaks my heart to be away from my babies, but I know it’s for good. My husband loves it when he has my complete attention. I am just over the moon excited about your book! I can’t wait to have it in my hands and make notes and highlight things. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences. You are helping to mold better relationships between husbands and wives. Heavenly Father is smiling down at your work. Love to you and your family! =)

  5. Sara Lyn says:

    Yes!! Right before I read this, I said to Morgan, “I hope it’s okay that I’ll probably follow you around from room to room when we’re in our new house. I just like being in the same room as you.” (We’ve been living in a one room dwelling for years now.) Luckily, he likes me, too, and said that if I wasn’t following him, he’d be following me. I’m so grateful to have so much time with my bestest friend!

    • Sarah E. says:

      This is how I feel! I love having Spencer home even if he’s focused on other things. I like him in the same room even when we can’t talk. His mere presence is strengthening. It throws me for a loop when he’s gone for out of the ordinary reasons.
      I just love the sentence, “Best friends make the best lovers.” True story!

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