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November 14th, 2010

It’s Smaaashing Being Grandma

“The idea that no one is perfect is a view most
commonly held by people with no grandchildren.”
~Doug Larson


There is nothing, or no one, more romantic than Grandma. Think about it. She believes in ideals and kisses. She notices pretty clouds and is an expert cuddler. And best of all, she sees princesses in little girls and princes in little boys and dreams of happy endings. I know I do.  Actually, little girls and little boys ARE “happy endings” to Grandma’s love affair with Grandpa.

So here’s a recent afternoon with my very own “Happy Ending” named Taylor…

which starts with a happy beginning…(which you can buy in a box in the United Kingdom and carry to the United States and get stopped four times in security because, after all, “SMASHING” sounds a little suspicious…)

“I’m inventing mostly.”

“Give it some more welly there!”

“Just crackers for cheeeeese!”

“Oh ho ho, well done lad!”



Hint of Romance

Like all great quests, young marriages (well, even “old” newlyweds for that matter) should start with the end in mind: happy grandchildren to enjoy and rejoice in together.

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  1. Bri Z says:

    It helps that you have the most darling, clever, charmingest grandson ever! … did you really get stopped FOUR times by security?! LOL.

    Can’t wait to make you a grandmother to several more little princesses and princes. ;)

  2. Heidi says:

    What a nice idea to keep in mind. It’s fun to see my parents and anything related to their grandchildren (soon to be 18!). It’s funny–I even refer to my nieces and nephews as “the grandchildren” and have slipped occasionally in saying “my grandchildren.” I think it’s because I know how much each one means to my parents. And nothing compares to the joy I see from them in each of them for those children, and the parents of those children.

  3. jane says:

    AAh, how fun and a cute grandson. Are you back in the USA now?

    • mona says:

      I was a couple of weeks ago for my son’s wedding, which I’ll post about soon – it was gorgeous! I’m “home” again in London now until another holiday to the U.S. over Christmas – what about you?

  4. maritza Ardila- Perez says:

    I like you quote ” it`s smaaashing being grand ma” You grand son is gourgeous,
    Children are a great blessing to grand parents and family, You are bless to enjoy your grand child. He looks a happy boy. I am sure is gift to you! The pictures are brillant!

    Love Maritza xx

  5. maritza Ardila- Perez says:

    HI dear Mona. I really like you little “ it`s amaaaching been grand ma” , Bath very interesting place to visit which hope to visit some time. And I love the marvellous romantic story from both you and Jerusalem. Jesus is wonderful and his father to follow ,as we all learn from his life and I love you pictures in face book ,Thanks Ramona ! for sharing with me and others , God bless you

  6. Ellenor Abeln says:

    I have had lots of happiness with my randchildren and my great grandchildren. I love to write little poems abot mu gret grnchildren. They love it.

    It was 2 years ago this beautiful baby came to us. That was Jamie Lee.
    Her mother and dad were in the navy so she got to stay at my house a lot. That was Jamie Lee.
    She was a darling-Jamie Lee was.
    Sometimes full of mischief, that was Jamie Lee
    She loved dressing up and goin places with us, that was Jamie Lee
    One Easter she walked outside to find eggs
    A bunny came hopping down the trail.
    The look on her face, you could read her thoughts.

    That was Jamie Lee and so many other things to remember.
    Now she is 25 and married. That is Jamie Lee.
    Just as beautiful, intelligent, loving, and sweet Jamie Lee
    Thousands of rememberances could be listed but not enough room.
    I could write a book about all my granchildren. They are gifts grom God.

  7. sue simper says:

    Mona, you do have the most charming kid for a grandson I’ve ever seen – brilliant boy.

    Sometimes I look at my little 2 year old Brynnie and try to imagine her as a mom. She dotes on her “babies” so well, it makes me think of how much I’m going to LOVE helping her with her first baby. It’s more “happily ever after”, though, since it just keeps getting better and better!

    Love you! Can’t wait for Christmas to come!

  8. chris and her 4 amazing kids says:

    hi everyone,
    my heavenly father is sooooooooooo amazingly wonderful to me and my kids, in good times and amazingly present even in very very difficult and troubled times!

    he makes me to manage a smile so bright and innocent and true, even when am in discomfort.

    i know my God and my children love me so, however i would like a lasting and true love of my own soul-mate companion as a christmas gift this year and forever more. amen!
    goodnite yuall

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