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July 20th, 2011

A Loving Marriage: For the Children’s Sake

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they
are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum


I was inspired this week by my darling Child-Number-Three-Plus-One (the wonderful woman who makes my son so happy and who will give birth to Grandchild-Number-Two at any moment! The suspense is killing us!)

Her blog “Bri Colorful” is my favorite and this week, in wishing her parents “Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad“, she paid tribute to marriage as well.

You need to read the whole thing, but here are some highlights, each one a profound thought:

“I owe a lot to the pure love and commitment that you have worked so hard to show each other throughout your marriage.”


“Thank you for the thoughtful gifts you gave to each other, the importance you placed on time spent alone with each other, and the ooey-goeey secret looks at each other that I was sometimes privileged to espy… You showed me what it means to cherish each other.”


“Thank you dad for saying the icky romantic stuff in front of us, especially when you praised our mother and made her smile. You showed me what it means to romance the heart.”


“Thank you mom for teaching us to listen to our father and obey him and reminding us what a wise and cool dad he really is by speaking fondly of him. You showed me what it means to respect.”


“Thank you for showing me what a happy marriage was so I could recognize and aim for it myself. Thank you for your example. Thank you for putting in the work and unselfishness that marriage takes.”


“I hope today you will take the opportunity to remember every reason you fell in love and every reason you’ve stayed in love.”


I want to also thank David and Misty for their romance because it has blessed my son and will bless our shared progeny! May we all look for examples like theirs in our lives and seek to emulate the ideal — at all costs. Aren’t our children worth it?


Hint of Romance

Love is passed down like genes through the generations.

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  1. Sarah says:

    What a SWEET tribute to your parents Bri! I LOVED it!

  2. Bri Z. says:

    Awe. Thank you for re-posting my thoughts here momsie! I love your quote at the top! (and who said that amazing hint at the bottom?! he he)

    The suspense is killing us too… can’t wait to have those little eyes on us all the time!

    Love you!

  3. Lois Brown says:

    Awesome tribute and all very true! You are shinning examples of what a marriage can be!!

  4. Corine says:

    Aww…, that is SO SWEET! :D My kids are like the little girl; they REVEL in seeing my husband and I love each other. It really DOES make children feel secure!
    Corine :D

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